"Volley Theory: It is better to have lobbed and lost than never to have lobbed at all."

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The Hillary Step snacks are top notch…

Pork Pies £2.75
Truely excellent pork pies from quality English suppliers. Have one with a pint (below 4.5%) or a cider for a fiver
Deli Plate £3.65
Your choice of 3 of the ramekin-served snacks, each on its own (smaller) ramekin
Cashews – slightly roasted £1.60
Honey Chilli Nuts – peanuts baked in chilli spices and honey £1.40
Luxury Smoked Mix – includes almonds, cashews, peanuts £1.60
Peanuts – pure & simple £1.25
Pistachios – whole, roasted £1.50
Thai Nuts – peanuts battered in Oriental spices £1.40
Other Snacks
Burts Crisps 95p
Stuff Peppers – sweet red peppers in sunflower oil and stuffed with feta cheese x5. £1.70
Mixed Olives – marinated in olive oil, rosemary & lemon £1.60
Stuff Olives – green olives stuffed with feta cheese £1.60
Swedish salami bites – 100% meat x8 (x4 on a deli plate). £1.60
Wasabi Broad Beans – whole crispy dried broad beans encased in a coating of hot & spicy Japanese wasabi £1.10
Bombay Mix – traditional Indian snack to a classic recipe. Also very hot! £1.10
Pork Scratchings – traditional pork fair of varying hardness. Need your own teeth… £1.20