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Jazz Information

Live Jazz is a regular event on ‘What’s Happening’ at The Hillary Step. Every Sunday and Wednesday from 9 pm we will be hosting a jazz gig featuring musicians largely from the NW, but also those on a national tour that our booking guru Bob Jones brings to Whalley Range.

Coming up:

Sunday 2nd September Buckley Hassell Lewis renowned guitarist with suitable accompaniment, country jazz

Sunday 9th September Matt Owens Quartet Double bass led originals and the odd standard.

Wednesday 12th September Ed Kainyek Trio , lyrical sax led jazz

Sunday 16th September Steve Oakes Quartet,

dynamic guitar and sax led jazz, originals and choice standards

Sunday 23rd Sept The Jazz Crackers, crisp but melt in the mouth jolliness

Wednesday 26th September Nat Blooms Trio, singer/songwriter and pals

Sunday 30th September Rum Bar Masses, Almost legendary ska/jazz band, bring your dancing shoes.

Wednesday 3rd October Jelly Sours, vocals and keys visiting blues and jazz in a unique style.

Sunday 7th October Zamani, township and favela influenced originals.

Sunday 14th October John Settle Quartet, vibraphone led modern jazz

Wednesday 17th October Nelson Podete, european folk music, guitar and vocals

Sunday 21st October Gary Boyle Quartet, legendary guitarist plays his originals and fusion standards

Sunday 28th october Uli Elbracht Trio, guitar led modern jazz with Matt Owens on bass, Eryl Roberts on drums

Wednesday 31st October Bim Williams Organ Trio, George Grundy on drums, David Burgoyne on organ

Sunday 4th November The Magic Beans Delightful covers of your favourite songs

Sunday 11th November Nichla Smith ace vocalist with suitable accompaniment

Wednesday 14th November Midnite Johnny Morana Rockin’ Rhythm n Blues

Sunday 18th November Andrzje Baranek Trio

high paced piano led jazz

Sunday 25th Rowland Jones Original country blues

Wednesday 28th November Uli Elbracht Quartet, guitar led modern jazz

Sunday 2nd December Stuart McCallum Guitar soundscapes

Sunday 9th December John Settle Quartet Vibraphone led modern jazz

Wednesday 12th December Toby/ Bim Quartet

Sunday 16th December Tim Franks Quartet – dynamic modern jazz

Sunday 23rd December Will Tang Trio

For further information please contact us at The Hillary Step on 0161 881 1978 or email jazz@thehillarystep.co.uk

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Jazz Information

Live Jazz is a regular event on ‘What’s Happening’ at The Hillary...